A Little Progress: Part 1 – The Paint Rack

Well, after the failed attempt at any gaming activity last weekend while my wife was away I decide to take last Thursday off work. I was feeling rough anyway but not really bad enough to justify a sickie! So with a day of ‘freedom’ I decided a little progress was required. After watching episode seven … Read more

And another magazine!

Well, this morning the latest Wargames Illustrated landed on my doormat and it has reinforced my view that I’m not overly impressed with the new format. This is an issue where there is little if anything to interest me. I’m not big on vikings, ECW or Flames of War and making a machine gun wagon … Read more

More magazines…

The other plus point of last weekend in Blackpool was that my copies of Battlegames and Slingshot arrived and then, rather aptly, the ASL Journal 8 was waiting for me at work on Monday. So….. First up is issue 21 of Battlegames. Another excellent issue. The bocage article was enjoyable even though I’ll never make … Read more

Little ongoing book review…

Started reading McGuire’s books on the Philadelphia campaign and I have to admit I’m enjoying them. It’s not a campaign I know in enough detail to comment on the accuracy of the books but the range of material quoted is very good with some stuff I haven’t come across before and lots from my fave … Read more