First British Grenadier Game

Saturday 28th February 2009 finally saw my first game with British Grenadier and the first proper outing for my American and British AWI armies. I took my camera along to record the event but the photos are more of a record rather than eye candy. As this was out first game, the other guys (Ian … Read more

British Grenadier markers

As I slowly limber up for the first game of British Grenadier at my local club I thought it was about time to do some markers. I’d seen various threads on the GdeB Forums about different approaches and also Giles’s recent post on his blog. I decided to try a couple of approaches and have … Read more

More on the rules. The quick reference sheet is available for download but I’ll gradually reproduce and comment on them in posts here. Training 1stClass Grenadiers, Light Infantry, Guards 2ndClass Regulars, Hessians, Continentals, Rangers, Jagers, British Legion foot, Queen’s Rangers 3rdClass Raw Regulars, Veteran Militia, Loyalists, Mountain Men 4thClass Militia, Inexperienced Loyalists, European-led Indians 5thClass … Read more