Following on from my trial efforts with magnetic foam on the trial road, I had a bit of a sort out in the attic today (took a day of work to chill!) and along with tidying up I did another couple of trial terrain pieces. First up was a resin field I bought AGES ago. Can’t even remember the make. Anyway, spray with Army Painter Leather Brown, dry brush and static grass to give…

At the top of the picture you can just make out a try at a hedge I did a while back. Lollypop stick, length of scouring pad stuck on. Paint it all brown, slap some PVA on the scourer and apply flock. I wasn’t too happy with the flock colour and it was too short a length. Anyway, while at Hobbycraft I bought a sheet of the brown magnetic foam. Cut a couple of 10mm wide strips (conveniently the same length as the road sections), slap on PVA and stick the length of scourer on, scatter some sand/ballast mix on the sides. Spray the lot with the old Leather Brown. When dry, dry brush the edges, and then slap on some PVA over the scourer and apply a different green flock I picked up at the weekend. To give…


The foam is quite flexible so I left the gaps in the scourer to allow some give. And it has a little weight from the magnet so overall I think this too has promise!

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