Apr 192017

…I’m finally cracking on with the figures needed. To add to the crossbowmen I finished a few weeks ago I’ve added 12 more Foot Sergeants (though they may end up as Yeoman!) and 6 Foot Men at Arms. All are Conquest Normans. And as I’m retaining the Savage Swans theme the tough chaps get the usual colour scheme! I’ve got another 12 foot and 6 mounted half done. Hope to get them finished by Friday. Then may attempt some more!

Ayton always provides a good focus for painting. If only I could realise that a few weeks earlier….

  3 Responses to “As Ayton looms…”

  1. Looking good Andy. I’ve enjoyed doing some of the Conquest cavalry, but haven’t got the grand plans you have and am sticking at 24 points (nearly there..!)

  2. Very nice, Andy. Love the way you’ve done the shields.

  3. Ah, Conquest figures, lovely aren’t they, and you have done them proud!

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