Cowpens Order of Battle

I’ve picked up various references for Cowpens over the years but never got round to picking up Babit’s Cowpens Battlefield: A Walking Guide. I’ll be remedying that soon but someone very helpfully supplied me with the Order of Battle from the booklet which I’ll reproduce here and then compare with some of my other sources vefore finally committing to actual unit sizes. I’ve got the British Grenadier scenario for Hannah’s Cowpens as well so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out…

Table of Organization – American Forces
The Flying Army – Brigadier General Daniel Morgan
Headquarters Flying Army
Brigade Major – Captain Benjamin Brookes
Aide de Camp – Major Edward Giles
Baron de Glaubeck
Commissary – Captain Edward Chitty
Morgan’s Life Guard (ca. 10 men)

”Regular” Infantry – Lieutenant Colonel John Eager Howard
Continental Infantry
Delaware Company Captain Robin Kirkwood (60 men)
1/7 Maryland Company Captain Richard Anderson (60 men)
3/5 Maryland Company Lieutenant Nicolas Mangers (60 men)
2/4/6 Maryland Company Captain Henry Dobson (60 men)
Virginia Company – Captain Andrew Wallace (60 men)
North Carolina Company Captain Henry Connelly (307 men)
Virginia State Company – Captain John Lawson (50 men)
South Carolina S(ate Troops Major Samuel Hammond (ta 6O men)
Virginia Militia Major Francis Triplett
Fauquier Company Captain John Combs (40+ men)
Augusta Company – Captain James Tate (40+ men)
Rockbridge Company Captain James Gilmore (45 men)
Burke County, NC, Company ‘ (ca 25 men)

Militia – General Andrew Pickens
Brigade Major James Jackson
1st Spartan Regiment
1st Bn Col John Thomas (ca 150 men)
2nd Bn LtC Benjamin Ruebuck {ca 150 men)
2nd Spartan Regiment
1st Bn – Col Thomas Brandon (ca l00 men)
2nd Bn – Lt Col William Farr (ca 100 men)
Little River Regiment – Lt Col Joseph Hayes (ca 180 men)
North Carolina Battalion Lt Col Joseph McDowell (ca I80 men)
Georgia Refugees Major John Cunningham (ca 75 men)
Virginia Militia Major Thomas Posey(?) (ca 100 men)

Continental Light Dragoons – Lt Col William Washington (82 men)
South Carolina State Troops – Major James McCall (45 men)
Virginia State Dragoons – ? (ca 15 men)
North Carolina State Dragoons – ? (ca 15 men)
South Carolina ”Guides” – ? (ca 15 men)
Militia Volunteers – Benjamin Jolly
North Carolina Captain Mordecai Clark (ca 20 men)
South Carolina – Thomas Young (ca 25 men)

Table of Organisation – British Forces
Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton


7th Regiment of Foot – Major Timothy Newmarsh (ca 170 men)
71st Regiment of Fool – Major Arthur MacArthur (ca 249 men)
British Legion Infantry – ? (ca 250 men)
Light Infantry
16th Foot Regiment (41 men)
1st Battalion 71st Regiment (35 men)
2nd Battalion 71st Regiment (34 men)
Prince of Wales American Regiment (ca 40 men)
Strength 150 men

17th Light( Dragoons – 1 Troop Lieutenant Nettles (50 men)
British Legion Dragoons – Major Ogilivy (250 men)

Tory Scouts/Guides – Alexander Chesnee (?) (ca 50 men)

2 – 3 pounder field pieces (ca 36 men)

The detail on the makeup of the American Cavalry may make for a small but colourful and interesting unit if I can pin down the uniforms for the Militia and State troops.

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