New Troops added to the lists…

Have spent the last couple of weeks basing, re-basing and tweaking figures. I bought a batch of painted figures off Doug over at the WD3 Forums ( They are a mix of Polly Oliver, Essex, Freikorps and some Old Glory which I may or may not use. I wanted to boost my British forces just to get some games going and will still be painting the main protagonists for Cowpens myself.

Anyway, the main British force consists of two battalions of regulars and some British Legion cavalry:

The Legion are AB Napoleonics in Tarletons with a paint job. The centre are a blue faced mix of Freikorps and Polly Oliver while on the right are a green faced Polly Oliver unit. I’ve not settled on what actual units these will be as the flags they came with are nice hand painted jobs but I’m not sure on the accuracy of them. Some details:

There was also a unit of Minifigs representing the 42nd but again I think the flags are wrong.

Despite still messing with my old camera I tried another of the 71st:

And I’m still quite pleased with how the flags came out 🙂

And finally, for the King, I’ve redone the von Bose in correct colours and with standard. This came out well too!

On the American side there was a unit of ragged Continentals for which I still need to do a command stand:

And another of nice Polly Olivers in hunting shirts for which the photo was too blurred! There are also a few Minifigs militia which I’ll mix in with mine when I re-base them, and 18 Old Glory militia types. These are nicely done but the style is different from all the others and mine so I may sell these on along with some artillery crews in similar style. For the Brits, there are 6 more of the AB “Legion” for which the horses are painted but the riders only undercoated. May finish them first.

I’m still aiming to get a better camera and some better pictures and hoepfully soon I’ll set up a table and get some ‘parade’ shots!

That’s all for now…

4 thoughts on “New Troops added to the lists…”

  1. The blue faced one's have the regimental flag of the Welch Fusileers (though the flag is the wrong way round – the union should be against the pole..)

    The green faced guys may be the 63rd??? See:

    Think you're right about the 42nd – though the flag here is "speculative":

    My favourites are the 71st (those flags are *fine*!) and von Bose…. I feel the creative urge to paint a unit coming on!

  2. Hi Steve,

    I thought the blues were carrying the 23rd but hadn't had chance to check if it was anything else. 23rd are up for my own painting soon so this flag will be re-done. May just re-do them as Guards although that opens up a few issues on deciding what flags to use!

    Will leave the 42nd as is for the time being.

    Greens could become 63rd.

    I'm wary about changing any a sthe figs are Polly Oliver and so the staffs are rather thin and may break in the process.

    Currently rebasing my militia (30 odd stands) and need at least one more command stand so I feel another flag coming on!

    Cheers for the comments

  3. Andy
    I wouldn't worry about colours for the foot guards as,from what I understand,they didn't bring them. This was because they were converged units mde up of companies from each regiment. With mine I added a mounted colonel instead to make the command element standout more.Thanks for your comments by the way and I added a larger image of the 71st.

    I am a bit wary of warflag try instead.



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