First attempt at some new pictures…

Just thought I’d try the new camera out with some figures I had to hand.

First some Militia:

And a sample I tried for Delancey’s. The final ones will have the floppy hats with feather. Wanted to try a different appraoch to the red jacket and to be honest I think this has come out too dark so may go with my old technique.

Must get on with some work now!

3 thoughts on “First attempt at some new pictures…”

  1. I dont mind the darker colour. If the officers were in a brighter red it would then reflect the better standard of cloth used in their uniforms. Good photos.


  2. Ditto the comment on the photo's – by the way have you tried Picasa?? I swear by it for improving photo's before I post….

    What are your new and old methods for red coats?? I'm always looking for idea's… :o))

  3. The method in the photo was:

    black undercoat
    Vallejo Red base
    Vallejo Flat Red over that

    I think I rushed it too much and the base was not dry enough and so may have blended and darkened the top coat.

    My old method as seen on the 71st elsewhere in the blog was pretty simple:

    black undercoat
    Humbrol Red – may need two coats over black.
    watered down Games Workshop Flesh wash over that.

    I may try some other approaches if/when I try 28mm. The pot of Humbrol red I have I've had for over 10 years! And it's still going strong! It's one of the big pots by the way…



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