2009- plans for the future

And so we come to 2009. It’s the sixth already and I’ve still to make my plans for the coming year. First off is that despite the purchase of a large 15mm French SYW army there will be no SYW painting for the foreseeable future. I really want to finish a few aspects of my AWI project beforehand and get some games in so that all the effort feels like it has achieved something! So the overall objectives are:
1 Finish the OOB for Cowpens at 1:10
I want to complete this as it was what started the AWI venture and I’m almost there. A few British Legion mounted, the 7th, the assorted militia horse and re-doing the continentals as Lights as they should be. Still a fair bit there but not too bad.

2 Finish the OOB for Guilford Courthouse
Well, I haven’t really started this yet and it stems from a desire to paint up the 23rd and the Guards. Although a lot of my militia/continentals are fairly generic I intend taking a leaf out of Gile’s book and start focusing on some specific units that are a bit different. It’s partly why I have 16 ‘converted’ figures to use a DeLanceys Brigade sat waiting to paint – and a strong intention that this won’t lead to Savannah…yet!. I’ve also picked up enough of the Minifig Continental marines to do one of the Gaurds battalions and depending on how that gos I’ll no doubt do the second. Lots to do for this anyway but the main aim for the year!

3 The Parade
Set up the terrain, lay out the figures and take lots of photos!

4 the Game
Having read and re-read the British Grenadier rules I actually want to play them! Need to do a bit of terrain work to spruce up the Purbeck blocks and add a suitably large number of trees to make it all look good but I want to do a sort of Series Replay. I’ve played Advanced Squad Leader for years and the Replays are step by step records of an entire game showing every dice roll and result. I’m not sure how much record keeping will be needed but it worth trying as a way to REALLY get to know the rules. It won’t be a big game, maybe a couple of brigades of Brits attacking several lines of Americans a la Guilford Courthouse (or if it goes wrong, a la Cowpens!)
All the above should also provide plenty of pics of Polly Oliver figures for my cataloging of that range.

So, what’s on the workbench?
Finished off 6 Continental type command figures to provide a command stand for some ragged continentals I bought off Doug and to provide and extra militia command stand. Currently painting my British CinC as I have 2-3 British brigade commanders but no the big man. Should finish him tonight so will post a pick later if done.

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  1. Hello. I've enjoyed following your progress. I happen to be working on a 1:20 version of Cowpens and blogging about it too. I'm not a wargamer though, but rather someone that takes an interest in the minutiae of AWI battles. Eventually I plan to put together a series of posts, illustrated with 15mm miniatures, that describe step-by-step how Cowpens was fought.

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