More 6mm Early Byzantines…

Well it’s taken a long time to get these two bases finished and two weeks to even get round to taking some pictures! But finally managed it today. These are two bases of Byzantine Cavalry Archers for my Impetus army. They are based on the Baccus Late Roman Armoured Horse Archer with small shield added with Green Stuff.

Here they are advancing over the river with Bucellarii leading the way.

And some more shots showing shields and basing:

The rivers are a new acquisition from Brian at Mutineer Miniatures. I’d seen their river sections at the Border Reiver Show back in September and he had agreed to do me 6-7 foot of river in colours matching those I use for my scenery and basing. The originals had a brown colour for the river itself which I know may be more realistic but as my rivers/streams will either be for the virgin North American colonies or the Italian lands as Hannibal passes I wanted nice clean water! I’m really pleased with them and can recommend Brian and Mutineer for their excellent service. They’ll feature in the next few photo shoots but at some point I’ll lay out the lot and do some overall shots!

I’m tempted to do a couple of bases of infantry next but I’m also itching to start on the Prussians so I’ll have to see how the Christmas break goes.

More soon as I return to the Colonies….

3 thoughts on “More 6mm Early Byzantines…”

  1. Hi Andy,
    Have no idea how you paint these up? I bought some 10mm ACW recently and I panic at the thought of painting them!

    Great work!

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