Prussian samples and more basing…

Well, finally made a start on the Prussians for Grande Armee. As I’d done for the Byzantines I went for a black undercoat but this seemed to leave them too dark as the blue and the flesh didn’t cover too well.

I also think I was having a bad night as the detail wasn’t too accurate. Overall I was OK with them so I added the flag. Then I started having second thoughts and decided to try a different approach. I took a strip and gave them a white undercoat and a wash with a Games Workshop black wash. And rather than paint the flesh direct on the black I did the area with Red Leather first.

This resulted in a lighter figure and I think the flesh works better and adds contrast. The downside of the white undercoat is still having to cover everywhere so I think I’m going to stick with the black but do the flesh the new way. As long as I’m adding the highlight to the colours then that compensates for the black undercoat.

And finally, the 1mm 60x60mm MDF arrived from and I added this to the 2 bases I’ve done already.

Given that the MDF they use normally is a bit thinner than that I use from East Riding Miniatures (comparison to the right) it’s not such a big difference and when painted will give a good solid base.

Next plan is to paint the rest of the 10th Regiment and then some Landwehr to finish off the first brigade. All good stuff and made easier by the excellent Baccus figures.

I do have plans to pick up some of the Adler command packs so I can do Blucher etc. and I may see how the mounted officers fit in as Regiment commanders on the base.

Anyway, progress. Slow, but progress…

Oh…and I’ve started adding some static pages below the header. First up will be my Napoleonic reference library, to be added to as and when. Then I’ll do the AWI and Byzantine stuff. The big find was which makes setting up a nice list very easy! I wish I’d had that when I was doing my Masters!

10 thoughts on “Prussian samples and more basing…”

  1. I went for reading glasses too! Didn't know Asda did them so might look into that – I got some from Boots (about £12 a pair) then found some in Poundland for….£1.

  2. Andy – you could try what I do which is basically the other way round to what you did… ie. undercoat black, but then dampbrush with white??

    Like the look of the blog by the way..

  3. Galpy here I've started and posted the pics for tonights work La Haye Sainte in 6mm see what you think man i don't know how you work all the time in this size

  4. You asked for 2mm La Haye Sainte I give you 2mm, but man thats it back to 15mm Naps actually right now, time to hit the brushes

  5. I always had the same issue with dark undercoats on my baccus minis. I took a cue from a GHQ catalog and did a dry brush of white on top of black primer, then went to painting regularly. This brought out a lot more detail for me…though my previous attempts were awful, so in comparison anything would have looked good.

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