Grande Armee Base Layout

I’ve finally finished the figures for the 1815 Prussian 10th Regiment and I now need to decide on how to layout the figures on the base. Bases are going to be 60x60mm. This is what everyone at the club is using so I don’t really have any leeway on this. I’ve seen some excellent basing done on the original 3″x3″ and part of me likes the scope that gives for layout however I’ve got to go with the club standard.

I’d looked at a Prussian attack plan where the fusiliers were deployed to front, partly in skirmish order and partly supported by a line. Behind these are deployed the two musketeer battalions in column. I’ve also gone for two mounted command figures. This layout is show on the left:

On a 60x60mm stand this is slightly cramped and would need some care applying the base texture and flocking. The columns are all one Baccus strip (4 figs) frontage and four rows. The fusilier line is just 10 figures. This is my proposed layout for Line and Reserve units. For Landwehr I thought of using the righthand option, with three units of 4 strips each. What I can’t decide is whether to stick with the one style and if so, which one. And also whether to either reduce the lines in the columns to 3 ranks and drop the fusilier ‘line’? This would give more space on the base for ‘scenics’.

Decisions, decisions…

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  1. The layout on the right looks like it will be veeeery crowded! For this sort of diorama base you ideally want the space between units to be at least the width of a rank, and preferably more. Remember (or learn) the Gestalt Principles when you're laying out bases; they will serve you well.

    Also, any skirmishers placed at the very front of the base will not survive handling. Better to sacrifice the fusilier line and move them back a bit. If you haven't already, I'd recommend looking through some of Steve's 6mm stuff at the Paintingshed to get an idea of figure spacing.

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