Some more samples…

Following on from peoples suggestions I thought I’d try a mock up of the first option and also of my third option allowing me more rule flexibility. So…

here is how I was planning at first to reflect Prussian tactics. It looks less crowded from above but from any angle – i.e. normal viewing – it does appear ‘full’. The alternative is to allow me to use bases for Lasalle as well and gives me something like this:

As Mike commented below, figures at the edge may be a problem although the bases will be quite chunky so should enable picking up without touching the edge figures. Although I would probably drop the number of skirmishers to four. I could also take a figure out of the front rank and slot the mounted officer in there to free up the sides…

Anyway, again, comments appreciated.



6 thoughts on “Some more samples…”

  1. Just IMO, but the one on the left with the two coloumns looks better. But you must follow your own thoughts, whatever you do it will look good I reckon.

  2. Yeah – top one!

    Some people I knoe play Grand Armee – they think its much quicker to play than other rules but still allow you to move big armies around.

    I prefer rules with smaller bases but each to their own!

  3. Hmmm…really can't decide. I thought I was heading towards the bottom option to allow me to use Lasalle but now I'm not sure…

    I've never been particularly decisive!


  4. I still prefer the first … 🙂
    Maybe not 100% historically acurate but I would use both options, and give some variety to the army…

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