Off to Blackpool!

Well, tomorrow morning I’m off to Blackpool. I have dug out all my ASL kit and best of all, I now have the latest Battlegames magazine to read when I’m there!

I’ve also imported all my old ASL posts from my first blog into this one. They will show as the earliest posts. Problem is I seem to have used images hosted on my old web space and these seem to have gone. I know I have some of them somewhere so I will reinstate them over the next few weeks and also add labels to make tracking stuff down easier.

I may take my netbook with me and post from the hotel. Or I may just have four days of isolation!

Back soon.


2 thoughts on “Off to Blackpool!”

  1. Hey, have a good time! Liked your post on the Wargames mags, similar thoughts to myself. May have to have a relook at Miniature Wargames methinks.

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