And another Prussian base done!

Finally managed to paint up the two mounted officers and base up the first of my Landwehr stands for my 1815 chappies. I may still do another stand of these for the same brigade but for the time being I’ll leave as is and move on. Here they are:

Still a long way to go, but getting there! I’ve yet to do the labels for the stands as I don’t have decent printer to play with the various options. Mounted chaps are Adler. The rest, Baccus goodness.

Next up will be more Line troops. And the command stand for the Brigade…

6 thoughts on “And another Prussian base done!”

  1. They look fantastic Andy.

    I'm looking into Prussians for when FOG Napoleonics comes out – and yours are very inspirational

  2. Superb Andy,
    You should show a giant hand so people can see just how small they are!!!

    You even managed to get pipping on the officers hat!.
    Different classcheers

  3. Hello Andy!!

    Hey – I have a question about your blog.

    How did you create your '2010 Painting Master Plan' graph on the right?

    I'd like to do something like this on my blog.

    Please feel free to contact me at correus at yahoo dot com


  4. I'll post some details in a day or so. I've put up my For Sale stuff and don't want to bump that off the latest post list for a couple of days!



  5. Hi

    Those are rather dapper little gents 🙂

    A lot of detail for blokes so small, I envy your ability !

    Sgt Steiner

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