CWC rebasing continues…

Here are some pictures of the ongoing rebasing of my Cold War Commander Soviets. All the models are pretty well as I got them – bit of drybrushing and touching up here and there – and the three figures on the CO base are Irregular and painted by me. Still have a good few to base though – some Support Weapons, sniper, recce etc. but getting there…

Here is the lot as they stand:

The HQ stand for the T-72 battalion:

The BTR equipped Mechanised Rifle Battalion:

Close up of the infantry sections:

The SA-9 platoon:

I wanted to do something interesting for the CO stand so I upped the base size to 60x60mm and with a few bits from Irregular made up the following:

So there you have them. I quite like basing! :). US and Belgians to follow and then more Russians!

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