Just a little update…

Cold War Commander
I’m still cracking on with the Cold War Commander stuff. I’ve acquired a nice litle US battlegroup which I may or may not re-base. It needs infantry adding so they are on order from Heroic and Ros. I ordered some Russian from them last week and the service was VERY rapid. I put the order in for the US infantry late last night and have just paid the invoice they sent! Expect them on Monday 🙂
I’ve based up the first of the Russian infantry. There was just enough in the the figures I bought to make up nine bases. I’ve based up nine BTR-80s and an HQ to go with them. I should really do BMPs but the paintjobs on these need a lot of work whereas the BTRs are good to go. Just need some Recce and FAO and FAC and I should have a usuable little force. May need more tanks to face the M1s though!
Belgians – I have the extra IFVs I needs – despite finding 10 amongst the spare boxes! – so these will be up next.
I’ve decided to go for 1988 as a basis. I’ve found some good army lists for the year on Micro Armor Mayhem and as I quite like the idea of the England Prevails 1988 English Civil War I may as well tie it all in. The tanks will roll in to Newcastle yet!
Punic Wars
Still haven’t started rebasing the armies I bought at Newark. I did take delivery of some more Carthaginian Veteran spears, some command stands for them and some cavalry from Barry Hill in the Philipines. They came very well packaged and I can now do two BGs of 8 African spear and the same for Veterans. There’s a few odds and ends left over but these will go on the command stands..
I now have the bases to do the Militia I bought at Newark but need to find the time. Once I have the basic CWC stuff in place I’ll move back to these. I do have someone in the States interested in getting in to AWI and if he chooses 15mm I may be able to help him out with some figures if the postage isn’t prohibitive.
6mm Nap
All on hold while I deal with the above diversions!
My attic is a mess at the moment. Lots of figures, painted and unpainted scattered everywhere along with a load of other rubbish. I also have all the stuff I’m selling on for someone. I’ve started sorting this and there are some nice bits there. It’s just getting it all listed. There are a few bits that just won’t sell but I intend to put anything left on the Bring and Buy at the Arena show in September. There were a few almost finished 20mm Vietnam figures and some scenery. I’ve touched up the figures, applied a wash and based them and I think they will now get a good price – I hope!
Anyay, that’s where I’m at. Pics of CWC stuff hopefully next week…