Durham Wargames Show 12th June 2010

Managed a pass today to attend this nice little show in Durham. Lawrence (and wife) kindly gave Ian and myself a lift. The show seemed smaller this year – there was nothing happening upstairs – bit it was nice and friendly. ACW demo game by Tyneside Wargames Club in a side room, a nice 20mm Ethiopian modern game using Cold War Commander, Old Glory 10mm game, Pony Wars and a 28mm ACW game were all nicely presented with chance to chat.

Useful range of traders and enabled me to look at the Irregular 6mm modern stuff. A few nice pieces but I wasn’t overly impressed. Picked up an Osprey book on the M1 Abrams for £2 on the Bring and Buy. This was small but well organised with some nice stuff there.

Picked up a small pack of Mig-23s in 1/600 from Tumbling Dice and may use these to represent my air assets for CWC. Will try and see how it looks rather than using 1/300 models. Met up with Peeler and Norman D Landings from WD3 and had a nice chat over coffee and a scone.

Overall it was a nice day. Would have liked to spend more but to be honest, having just got sidetracked into Modern Micro armour I can’t really be having any more distractions!

Apologies for lack of photos. Didn’t take my camera and didn’t think to use my phone!

CWC Update: have finished basing my first T-72 battalion and HQ and soon should have enough for a game. Have also bought a small US battlegroup via the CWC Forums which should arrive this week. Just enough to get a game going. Really looking forward to trying the rules out. Soon… 🙂

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  1. Hi Andy, as you say, a bit smaller but still quality show, pleasant atmos, and good tea & buns too.

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