More 1806 French

My ongoing, albeit slow moving, 6mm Napoleonic Project, has me currently doing 1815 Prussians for Grande Armee to be followed by 1806 Prussians for Lasalle with Grande Armee as an option. As there is little chance of me finding and 1806 French opponent locally, and as I’m unlikely to have the time to do them myself, I’ve been making a start on 1806 French by using several painting services. I’ll be doing a full review of each over the next week or so (including two I’ve used for 15mm stuff, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures of the latest batch. These are from Rhys at Raise the Colours. I picked them up at Partizan and finally based them this week. He now has some Baccus cavalry to be going on with.

Anyway, here are the troops in their Grande Armee and Lasalle forms:

I rather like these and I think Rhys’s style will fit in nicely with my own. Anyway, more on that in the future…