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I’ve done a little sorting of the Russians and NATO troops I bought recently. Thanks to some sterling support from the chaps over at the CWC Forums who’ve helped ID a lot of the vehicles. So anyway, here’s start…

This is the first lot of planned basing…

There are three lots of 9 T-72s which all appear to be basically the same model plus an HQ element for each with a T-72 and a BRDM-2(?)

There are also two lots of nine T-62(?) again with an HQ element with BRDM-2

 The bottom unit is not in the bog standard Russian Green but has a camo pattern so not sure on the significance of this.

The next lot is a mixed bunch. Top left will be a CO stand with T-72, BRDM-2, a jeep type thing and the bloody huge truck with the radar on top which seems to dwarf the T-72! Then top right we have the 4x SA-13 gopher AA missile vehicles, followed by 6x BRDM-3 ATGW which I may use on some of the HQ stands as well. Below them are 6x 2S3 152mm SP guns and to their left 4x SA-9 Gaskin AA missile vehicle. Again, may use these on the odd HQ stand to free up BRDM-2s for Recce stands. The two vehicles bottom center I’m not sure on but they may be ZSU-23-4?

Moving on to some of the stuff that wasn’t in the original shots I posted to the CWC Forums. The top lot are, I think, BTR-80s. And those on the bottom, BTR-70s?

More detail on the BTR-80s…

And on the BTR-70s along with the ZSU-23-4s again?

The radar chappies at the back are…?

These are, I think BMP-1s. They just have a coat of gloss green which look bloody awful. I’m thinking of a heavy dry brush with a proper Russian Green (to match the main vehicles I have) and then a light drybrush. Either that or strip them…


Now I’d assumed these were T-72s but by a different manufacturer to the rest. But I’m not 100%.

Here’s a close up.

These are more odds and ends. Artillery at the left which I may not bother with. Then a load of BM-21s. The bottom six seem better models. Then the camo T-62s followed by some odds and ends and then the only infantry in the set which are marked Elite Airborne (on round bases) and the other strips seem to have RPGs? Infantry are something I will need for this lot so will need to figure out exactly what’s needed.

These are the last chaps. The load to the left are 2S1 122mm SP artillery, those to the front, 2S3 152mm SP artillery. The 122mm are again, gloss green, the 152mm are matte but very dark, so again may drybrush lighter.

So, there we have them. A start on organising them and a few questions. I know for CWC I’ll need infantry to go with the IFVs and no doubt a few other odds and ends, especially for Recce and observers. The HQ units will likely go on round bases when I get them. On to the basing up then!

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  1. The T-72 lookalikes could be either T-64's or T-80's which were very similar. The AAA vehicles are definately ZSU-23/4's

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