Peter Pig 15mm AWI – a comparison and overview

Over the last six months or so Peter Pig have been slowly releasing releasing a range of 15mm AWI to accompany their new AWI rules, Washington’s Army. I’ve been keeping an eye on the range and had picked up some of the British light infantry and Line in roundhats at York in February. I haven’t had time to paint them yet but that didn’t stop me picking up more of their ever increasing range at Partizan last weekend.

The range now covers the main troop types for the Americans and British (exc. Grenadiers), mounted officers and some interesting ‘marker’ figures. The aim is to produce troops in three ‘conditions’: A = regulation uniform, B = campaign, C = ragged types. Currently all are A and B. At Partizan they said that next up were highlanders, in kilt and trousers, to be followed by Hessians.

The range has promise. I had seen older Peter Pig figures and not been too taken with the sculpting style but these are rather nice and look better in the flesh than in the website photos. The rules too look interesting. My wife bought them for me for my birthday last month and they have some interesting mechanisms, aiming to reduce the action to a 5′ x 3′ table, with flank marches etc. all catered for. The demo games at Partizan look good too and I’d have liked to have had time to try them out.

So, what do they look like. Well, there are ample pictures on their website but here are a few samples.

The left hand figures is from Pack 47 Ladies Waving. There are meant for use in indicating the status of flank marchers under their rules so possibly have limited use elsewhere. The center figure is from Pack 4 British Light Infantry (B) in campaign dress and you get three poses. The command pack for these is nice too. The final figure is from the British Line Infantry Foot command (A) in regulation uniform.

The left is the new Pack 6 British Line Infantry in tricorn (B), again in campaign dress. I may use the for the 7th for Cowpens. The other two figures come from several of the other ‘marker’ packs for low and extra ammo and for casualties. It’s nice to see the casualty figures and these will be getting mixed in with my units.

They are all nicely cast with minimal flash. But how do they compare with other ranges. Here are a few shots for comparison:

L to R: Polly Oliver, Polly Oliver, Peter Pig, Peter Pig, Lancashire Games, Lancashire Games.
L to R: Minifigs, Minifigs, Freikorps, Freikorps, Peter Pig.

L to R: Essex, Essex, Peter Pig, Irregular, Old Glory.

The Peter Pig are actually smaller than I originally thought but they will fit in well with Essex and Freikorps. The Polly Oliver are taller and slimmer and I have a lot of these and when painted up they fit in well with the Essex and Freikorps. Likewise with Minifigs. There are two pictures of Lancashire Games. The lefthand is a militia figure, the right French Musketeer and they seem to use different sculptors. The militia are chunkier and some I have are veritable giants! The Irregular range seems variable to me in that some appear very small! And finally we have the Old Glory giants. Not all the range are this big but enough so that I try to avoid them now as they do tend to look bigger and chunkier.

So, there you have it. A very interesting new range. Even if I don’t use the rules the ‘marker’ packs have some interesting stuff in them. If the range develops as planned then it should be fairly complete. There is even talk of separate heads for variety! I’ve already emailed them to demand a proper British Guards figure!

Recommended. And a nice boost to the 15mm AWI market. I doubt Giles will buy any though! 🙂

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  1. "I doubt Giles will buy any though!"

    Perhaps not, but I will. Thanks for posting this tremendously useful review.

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