Another Slight Diversion No. 4

Well, it may be No.4 or it may be more! Anyway, where am I going this time? Recently someone asked me sell off all their son’s old wargaming kit which I will be doing over the next few months. Amongst this lot however were a reasonable size Cold War Soviet army and a corresponding West German and Belgian force. Many. many moons ago I was quite in to all this following the reading of Hackett’s books and playing SPI’s Fulda Gap. But I never really got in to the figure side of it.

This was a chance to pick up a decent size force and actually get in to a game quite quickly – especially as I was slowly building up 6mm terrain. The troops were organised for WRG rules (I think – there being copies of the rulebooks!) but having looked at Future War Commander I decided I would head down the Cold War Commander route.

Now it’s going to take me a while to figure out what is what and I don’t want this to become a ‘major’ period. Luckily, Ian from the local club has troops for Modern Spearhead and a decent library so will be helping me organise the troops, decide what I can use, and what I can part with.

So, with no particular rhyme or reason I decided to base up a few just to see what they looked like. So, here we have half a dozen T-72’s and a…well, Ian told me last night but I’ll need to ask him again what it is!

Most of the figures are reasonably painted. A few may need a new coat and a lot of the West Germans seem to be in a non-standard pattern. I’ll be consulting the CWC forums for advice and hopefully it will be a nice start to a new period for me.

4 thoughts on “Another Slight Diversion No. 4”

  1. Bah… That is barely a tenth of what you need for a decent Soviet force 😉
    Looking nice though. Cold War Commander is a great game. I use Dirtside for all my modern 6mm games. There are some cool modern adaptions out there and it's free 🙂

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