Cold War Commander – Update 3: Belgians!

Not sure exactly how or where the Belgian Army would figure in any 1980s Cold War conflict but as I had the makings of these and have just acquired more I figure they may be fun to do and play and if nothing, a challenge! Maybe once I really start putting them together and do a little research I’ll be pleasantly surprised…

Anyway, in the mass of modern armour I bought this is what I’ve ID’d as Belgian:


There’s a good chunk of Leopard 1A2s(I think), M113s, Spartans, Scorpions, Scimitars, M109s and other odds and ends I’ve still to ID. Either way, a good start…

…and then I got the chance to pick up some more in trade and now have the following as well:


First picture, top right are I believe more Leopards but of two different types? 1A2s and 1A3s? The remaining stuff seems mostly mech infantry based. Bottom picture, bottom centre, top slot are a few AFVs I’m not sure on. They seem big compared to the rest so may be GHQ models? Just not sure what.

I’ve picked up the Belgain Mech Brigade list from MicroMark and may use this as a base, unless someone can suggest alternatives? I suppose some of the stuff could be used for other forces – some to US, Brit recon? Dutch? So lots of options there…

2 thoughts on “Cold War Commander – Update 3: Belgians!”

  1. I'm really liking your microarmour within your blog, I'm just getting into this scale myself with some of the guys at my local club, is CWC worth getting hold of?

  2. I like CWC. When I decided to dabble with Moderns again I didn't want to go for the hyper realistic complex stuff. If I want that sort of game I'll just play ASL! CWC appealed because it gave a quick play game with straightforward mechanics and a good 'feel'. Plus, an this is important to me, the support, forums and other players are really great. Helpful and supportive.
    I think it may be OOP at the moment (unless you can find someone with a copy) but you can get it via You don't get the pretty colour pictures but you do get the rules and the army lists.
    CWC get a thumbs up from me! Go for it!

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