The Last Russians…for now…

In preparation for Sundays game I’ve managed to sort out the last few bits and pieces I needed for my Soviet force. I’m still not sure what I’ll actually use for my 5000pts and I’ve got way more than that ready. Anyway, here’s the latest…

First up, I needed some regimental artillery so went for a few 2S1 122mm howitzers. These were painted a gloss green when I got them and I’m not sure the new paint job has really worked.

And they also need some engineers in the appropriate MT-LB and armed with RPOs (I’ve just used the RPG figures with a different paint job) and hiding behind some barbed wire.

Although I’ve got two battalions of infantry I’ve got no support weapons so added some mortars:

Some Saggers:

Some SA-7s:

Some Spigots:


I used the remaining odds and ends to do a couple of heavy weapons stands which will likely just pad out any infantry force.

And finally I sorted the FAO and the FAC. The FAC needed a BTR-60PU which I didn’t have so I modified a standard BTR-60:


I may try and get a couple of GAZ-66 trucks done to carry this lot, although they would likely be in BMP/BTRs. I’ll see how this lot goes and then I have a couple of T-62 battalions to do, some more ‘support’ vehicles and then I’ll likely get a few of the Russian ‘funnies’ just for a bit of flavour.