Derby 2010

Really enjoyed Derby this year. Well, I enjoy it most years but this was a good one! Traveled down to Birmingham on the Friday afternoon and had a good journey alternating between snoozing and reading Sword Point by Harold Coyle (I WILL NOT be doing Iranians for CWC!!!). Met Billy at New Street and first port of call was to be Ian Allan books….which seems to have moved! So no money spent there. Apparently they’re just round the corner now but we walked a different way and didn’t see them…. Then on to the games shop in the little arcade – Dragon’s Forge or something? – which it was good to see still there. Managed not to buy anything 🙂

Friday night was spent with a visit to the Fella and Firkin on Erdington High Street with Billy, Eileen, Trevor and Richard. Good to see friends I don’t see as often as I’d like! Fortunately only for one pint as it is still one of the scarier pubs I know! And then a curry at the Gate down the road. Very slow service but excellent food and a complimentary vodka at the end! Being my first night away from the family for a while I was hoping for a good nights sleep but it was not to be. Maybe it was too quiet, maybe I had indigestion, maybe I missed the kids. Either way, I was awake roughly on the hour every hour and totally knackered in the morning!

We’d talked Richard in to going to Derby as well so he gave myself and Billy a lift and we got in just as setting up was finished and immediately hit the cafe for a full breakfast – always the hightlight of the morning for me! It’s likely not done much for the diet I’m on but was bloody good!

I gave up on the idea of photos as my phone is not good and come end of year and contract I shall be getting a better one! So, what were the highlights?

Met up with John (Levied Troop from WD3) to trade a can of Testors for lunch and had a good natter. Likewise met Eccles and his mates.

Had planned to sell some 1/144 tanks for a guy from the BKC/CWC/FWC forums who turned out to be someone I knew/gamed with at the Birmingham Oktober Club back in the 90’s! Nice to catch up anyway and good to see he’s still gaming.

Really liked the VBCW game by the Border Reivers Club with an attack on the Vickers Works. Very nicely done and a friendly bunch. Must try and get to their club one Wednesday.

And it was good to meet up with Ruarigh and the Rather Large Towton Project and their Battle of Northhampton. I know Ruarigh both from my ASL past and via Archaeology. He still digs. I gave up when my back and knees gave up!!!

There were a lot of demos on, some seen at other shows, and the standard was pretty high. I have to admit I spent more time chatting around the stands than look at the games!

It’s always a good show and as I’ve started attending more over the last few years it’s good to get to know some of the traders better and have a natter with them. Always a friendly bunch.

So…. purchases. I tried to be restrained here. I’d got a few Russians (T-72s etc.) to collect from Skytrex and some stuff for Ian to collect from them and from SHQ. The bring and buy was not too impressive for me. There were some good 15mm deals. I nearly cracked at some 10mm WW2 for BKC but they went before I got back to them! Which was a good thing really 🙂

Here’s the summary:

  • Ospreys – Bradley M2, M113 plus another book on the T-80
  • Scotia – just a BTR60PBU
  • H&R – Soviet bridge layer.
  • Adler – some very very nice Dark Star vehicles and flyers
  • Timecast – their new petrol station and some flats and shops
  • Some resin SF buildings
  • – some MDF bases. Excellent service as ever as I’d only emailed him with sizes on Thursday!

And finally a duck/bathtime based game which I’m hoping my daughter will like and not get too stroppy when I beat her at it!

I nearly bought a proper copy of FWC as I only have the Lulu one and I want the pretty colour pictures! May still do that…

So all in all a good trip. Now I need to find the time to paint what I’ve bought. I feel my great Painting Master Plan as failed miserably as the whole CWC diversion has taken hold, rapidly followed by a minor FWC one!

It’s the nature of the hobby…. 🙂

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  1. It was good to see you again too, Andy. We had a very good weekend of it and the Lancastrians finally managed to win a game about 4pm today (Sunday)!

  2. Your purchases sound quite restrained, Andy – I mean, you don't seem to have "started" another half dozen periods..

    Best wishes


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