Off to Derby!

Well, Birmingham first! Tomorrow I do a half’ish day at work and then board a train to sunny Birmingham (beer and curry) and Saturday AM I head for Derby and the World Wargames. This is my annual trip and ‘night out’ and a chance to catch up with friends in Birmingham.

I like the Derby show. Good venue, light and spacious, and a good chance to meet up with various denizens of the online fora I frequent. Plans for the day are:

  • pick up stuff for Ian from Skytrex and SHQ
  • pick up some Russian and Belgian stuff from Skytrex
  • some more buildings from Timecast
  • and pretty well anything that takes my fancy!

I may keep an eye open for some of the NATO boardgames to maybe use as a basis for a campaign. And if anyone has any decent modern microarmour for sale on the B&B I may succumb! I most certainly will not be buying any 10mm from Pendraken. They are lovely figures and I am SOOOOO tempted but I just cannot justify another period and scale. More from the need to get 10mm scenery when I can barely complete my 6mm and 15mm scenery!

Update when I get back, likely accompanied by some crap photos courtesy of my phone! Oh, and the journey shall be passed reading Harold Coyle’s Sword Point. Finished Red Army the other day and really enjoyed it. I found the references to all vehicles by generic terms (e.g infantry fighting vehicle) a bit annoying but having read the notes at the back I can see that he was trying to focus on the people and not the tech. In the end it worked and you did care what happened to them. Good book. Would be interesting to run a sort of sequel as a campaign.


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