CWC – More Russians: SA-6 and PT-76

A week or so ago Ian gave me a unit of SA-6s along with a radar/command vehicle:

I wanted to rebase then to fit in with mine and ended up doing a near full repaint on them as well. Started with a heavy dry brush of Vallejo Russian Green, followed by a Vallejo Sepia Wash and a dry brush with the Russian Green again, and finally a light dry brush with Sky Grey. A bit of colour to the missile tips and some ‘impressionistic’ numbers on the side and done! Then base up in my usual style:


And the command/radar vehicle (any idea on type anyone?) got an accompanying GAZ-66 and a few crew and become an HQ:


I think it’s unlikely I would ever use all five in a game and the HQ can also server as a generic one in the game anyway. Either way, they were fun to do and never turn down free minis! Cheers Ian! 🙂

Finally, while sorting through the last of the Russians I may/may not use I ID’d the definite nos (they are on eBay at the moment) and the majority of the rest I based up on MDF ready to be finished off as and when. But there were also three PT-76 models and although I’m not sure where to fit these in my forces (other than recce) I decided to base them up anyway. And I figured if you are going to have an amphibious tank it ought to be in something wet!


So there we are. A few more Russian done. Now, back to the Belgians!

2 thoughts on “CWC – More Russians: SA-6 and PT-76”

  1. Not sure if I should thank you for inspiring me to get back into 6mm but you have! 🙂

    Love the PT-76's. Until I saw your efforts I'd been dismissive of basing 6mm vehicles, now I'd convinced…

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