ID these please?

Well, although I’ve started my Belgians I’m still putting together some reference material about the vehicles and organisation. I know there will be a lot online but some pointers to get me going would be a help. The large Belgian force I bought recently (on top of the large one I already had!) has a … Read more

Belgians, Man!

Finally finished my first unit of Belgians. Looking at the 17th Armoured Brigade as a basis for the force and this is the 1st Guides Battalion.     With their HQ: And their Recce Troop with its Scorpions, Spartans and Scimitars:     I need to do the same for the 2nd Guides and then … Read more

Derby 2010

Really enjoyed Derby this year. Well, I enjoy it most years but this was a good one! Traveled down to Birmingham on the Friday afternoon and had a good journey alternating between snoozing and reading Sword Point by Harold Coyle (I WILL NOT be doing Iranians for CWC!!!). Met Billy at New Street and first … Read more