A basing dilemma…Part 2

After various peoples comments here and on TMP I still can’t decide! So, here are a few mockups of the main options for double basing.

First up, 40x40mm with the odd base with three figures in the rear rank, and space for casualty figures. Figures are still edged to the back of the base in the 40×30 base area to maintain the compact look. Extra space at front will be for scenics/casualties.


And now some on 40x30mm

This also gives me chance to show a few of the Gauls that Mark at Conflict in Colour painted for me. A long saga of figures long overdue but I’m really happy with them. The casualty figures are mine though. Painted to try and match his style, as is the guy in the last two photos holding the severed head!
The 40×30 doesn’t really give much space for extras unless you start leaving figures off. Anyway, more pondering in the offing.

7 thoughts on “A basing dilemma…Part 2”

  1. Glad you like the figures after the long wait. A bit of a give away in the name of the company mind 😉

    I prefer the look of the larger bases myself.

  2. There were lots of reasons for the delay. Some valid. Some not. I've got them and I'm happy and bear no grudge. And I think he should get the credit for the paint job which is spot on.

    Edging to larger myself but still…

  3. personally 40 x 40 you can make the bases look pretty with the usual stuff, i.e. tufts of grass and battlefield debris

  4. lol, but then again there is the Impetus option, personally im going to base my next (top secret)project on 80mm by 40mm. Even if i use the DBA rules…so what, ill have matched armies, based the same on big bases.

    Too many options….

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