A basing dilemma…

I’ve just taken delivery of 73 painted 15mm Gauls (more on this when they are ready) that I now need to base. When I placed the ‘order’ for them (in 2009) I was playing (albeit occasionally!) Field of Glory and had decided to get three battlegroups of ‘MI’ Gauls – 3 to 40x20mm base. Since then I’ve played no more FoG (but may do again) and am really tempted by DBMM.

Now comes the dilemma. In FoG you can base Gauls as 3 on 40x20mm or 4 on 40x15mm. In DBMM all Gauls are now Warband(O) or (S), 4 to a 40x15mm base, with the option to double base. I could use them 3 on a 40x20mm as Ancient British who are still Warband(F) but as mine all form part of my Punic armies this isn’t really an option. The easy choice would be to do them all on 40x15mm, 4 to a base. Double base most and have a few singles. However, I want to jazz the bases up a bit with casualties and personality figures and 8 figures on a 40×30 doesn’t leave a lot of room.

So… do I just vary the number on some bases to allow space for scenics?

Or… do I just do them all on 40x40mm bases and go the ‘scenic’ route? Vary the number of figures, add casualties etc.

Now for FoG this makes little odds if I do them as medium types and have enough spare singles. I posted this question on the DBMM mailing list and generally got the idea that eventually, if I went for 40×20, I would need to re-base. Especially if playing in competitions. However, that is fairly unlikely. I’m more likely to just play them with my own armies.

The issue is what effect the bigger bases could have on the game? FoG or DBMM. Or is it something that can just be worked around?

I’m edging towards 40×40 with them set back on the base a little and scenics and casualties added. However, I’d appreciate peoples thoughts…

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  1. And 2 bases of 40×40 will make an Impetus base 🙂

    Or just base for Impetus, 6 or 7 figures unto about 9 with scenery etc….

    And then your ready for Hail Ceasar from Warlord Games 🙂

    Too much choice…

  2. I'd do some 40×15 4 figures and do the casualty/scenic bases on a few 40×30 bases with however many figures you want. At least that would still tie in with both and give you the scenic effect on some bases.
    Good Luck!!

  3. I have never played any of the DB games but if this double basing can be accomplished by placing 2 40 x 15 mm bases back to back that would seem to ofter the most options for both games. You could make up a small bracket that fits both bases and makes up the difference in mm. Go team Punic !

  4. Damn! I'd forgotten about the Impetus option! 🙂

    Like the idea of just using a few 40x30s for the 'specials' though.

  5. It's a tricky one. For FOG its a toss-up between Medium Foot (extra speed, less bogged down by terrain) and Heavy Foot (slower but can fight cavalry). So that's 40 x 20 or 40 x 15.

    But then you've got all the other games to think about.

    What I've seen in Napoleonics is people using standard base sizes for one system then placing these on a larger base for another (with a space on the larger base allowing 2 standard bases to be fitted on). Usually these are magnetic allowing the bases to stay on – but can be easily removed for storage and – of course – use in the other rules.

    So you could base for FOG but have a larger Impetus base which you can temporarily drop your FOG bases on when playing. If DBA requires a different base size to FOG, just have the DBA base underneath.

    These can be designed so that the fit is seamless (i.e. the extra space is flocked etc. in the same way as your smaller bases and the space provided is exactly the right dimension.

    Hope I've explained myself properly!

  6. Yeh, that makes sense!
    I was heading for 40×40 but I can see the logic of using 40x30s for the fancy bases, and then having some sabots with maybe a 10mm or 2 x 5mm strip to step up. And then have the odd base with 3 figures one. They're irregular so a bit of variety in spacing can't hurt!

    I just want as much flexibility as possible without the worry of having to rebase!

  7. If you are not playing competition, then base as you see fit. The difference between a 15mm base and a 20mm in actual play is minimal. As long as your opponent knows what Wb you are using you should be fine.

  8. I keep veering from 40×30 doubles to 40x40s and allowing some space. The would work for Impetus as well when combined. I have an awkward streak and am tempted to just do my own thing as they will only ever fight my other armies!

    I'm definitely hitting an indecisive moment!

  9. That might be your answer right there. Base them for the system that will get you the most games with other people.

  10. I primarily now play DBA though I'm looking to combine a couple of armies to form small DBMM armies to keep options open.

    After much consideration I went for Warband based 40mm x 20mm with four figures per base. This looks good especially when using animated figures such as those for Corvus Belli. I see no issue using them with DBMM.

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