At last, some funds!

OK, I may not have actually sold anything yet but I now have £35 sitting in my Paypal account directly from a wargaming related transaction. Now, I’ve only got 30 credits so far so I couldn’t buy much even if I wanted to! But it’s a start…

Now, if I can leave it there until York I will at least have some funds. I’m eying up Wargaming in History Vol.2 rather than figures as there is nothing I desperately need at the moment.

Now, next week I should have some painted 15mm Gauls landing. These are part of a long saga, mostly not too happy, of which I may post more next week. If the figures are as I hope then I may just be happy enough to avoid a rant! 🙂

Had hope to get to the Club today but that just didn’t happen as spent half the day putting together a toddler digger bed for my two year old lad. It was in a sale as having an ‘inferior’ paint finish, which we weren’t too bothered about. It was only during construction we found the real reason was probably the lack of crucial fixing holes being missing on several parts! It eventually went together though!

Anyway, 11:30 so time for bed. Hopefully some pics and stuff next week.

3 thoughts on “At last, some funds!”

  1. Hi Andy,
    Good going with the plan. I think it is a great idea and I had been doing similar myself 2010 (I had to finish units before adding new units or shift unwanted lead to add new units). It worked for a good while until I had a few "too good to miss" bargains on ebay at the end of last year. I have redeemed myself by swapping away my 28mm elite napoleonics for 15mm AB's.

    1st show in 2 weeks time will be the acid test to see how I control my spending.

    Hope you are able to stay on track.

  2. Good to hear, funds always help.I find before you have the funds you know what you want and when you get them you sometimes become hesitant to spend them but maybe thats just me.

  3. I've got some books lined up to sell as well which will help. Ebay is my big problem as I find it difficult to resist a bargain, whether I need it or not!

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