15mm Ancient Spanish

Well, having set my immediate plans for the year to be focused on 28mm Imagi-nation, Cold War Commander and 6mm I thought I’d start the year by painting some 15mm Ancients! When I was dabbling with FoG late last year I started to plan what extra odds and ends I needed to make up units and for the Ancient Spanish (and hence the Carthaginian) I needed some Balearic slingers and a couple more elements of Heavy Cavalry. I’d had these undercoated for nearly a year so figured I should get them out of the way first!

First up are eight stands of Balearic Slingers from Corvus Belli:

Followed by two extra stands of ‘large-shield’ cavalry from Donnington Miniatures.

These were to go with two stands I had done waaay back in 1994 when I played DBM in Birmingham. The old stands were re-based to match, but it was only as I re-based them that I realised the horses supplied then are much smaller than those now.

I had intended to mix all the figures but in the end I kept both groups seperate, partly because of the horses and partly because my painting style has changed!

Anyway, a good start to the year with 28 painting credits and another 2 for the re-basing. Next up? Not sure. May do some more re-basing and then make a start on the Savage Swans…

6 thoughts on “15mm Ancient Spanish”

  1. Those look great Andy.

    I took on Russ' Carthaginians with my Spanish and battered him. Spending points on an Inspired Commander really paid off.

    Good luck with them!

  2. Good write up there Phil. You do get a lot of Spanish for your money though and I think they do quite well played against historic opponents. I'm not sure if I'm going to pursue these with FoG or have a dabble with DBMM…


  3. Those some pretty Spaniards. Having painted buckets of them for a friend's Carthaginian army (and not yet having finished) I appreciate the effort that goes into them.

    Very impressive.

    Peter C.

  4. They are looking very nice and it seems your one your way to meeting some of your resolutions already.


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