‘Savage Swans’ return from the Colonies!

After four years in the Colonies in the service of a foreign king the valiant soldiers of Von Donovan’s Legion begin their return to the the service of the Burgrave. Called back with their brave leader Seamus Gunter von Donovan to prepare for the coming campaigns in the Spring they must now adapt to the traditional rules and regulations of the troops of the Burgraviate of Altefritzenburg. While in the Colonies they adapted their uniforms and tactics to cope with fighting a Rebel army that did not adhere to the Rules of War. Now, back home they must return to the traditional ways.

The first stage will be a new uniform, cut in the traditional styles. The Burgrave, wanting his troops to excel in the coming campaigns has commissioned several styles from the local suppliers but has yet to make a final decision. There are four styles in the traditional colours of the Legion:


As the first battalion of the Legion and it’s accompanying squadron of Dragoons are now in barracks, the decision must be made soon so that the uniforms are ready for the campaign season. The Oberstgeneral and the Burgraviate will be consulting their advisors over the next few days to aid in the decision process.

From left to right:

  • Green jackets and buff waistcoat with black facings and white turnbacks – the traditional uniform of the legion
  • Buff jackets and waistcoat, green facings and white turnbacks – rumoured to be the favoured choice of the Burgrave
  • White jackets and waistcoat, green facings and green turnbacks – opposed by Council leaders as too ‘Gallic’
  • Green jacket and buff waistcoat, red facings and white turnbacks – the introduction of red as an acknowledgement of the troops they had served alongside in the Colonies.

The decision is to be made by the next Council meeting in five days time.

5 thoughts on “‘Savage Swans’ return from the Colonies!”

  1. Looking forward to discover the 'final' uniform of the Savaga Swans (SS?).

    No name for the Imagi-Nation which either raised them or is employing them as allies / mercenaries? This would provide a convenient 'label' for *all* posts dealing with Imagi-Nary 18th C. units, armies of countries, Savages Aswans included but also beyond of them.

    Best wishes and happy New Year,

  2. I don't want to rush into the whole background thing until I've had a little more time to plan it out. The basic idea is that they have been hired out by the Burgrave to fight for a 'English' type country in the Colonies as they attempt to put down a rebellion. This will enable me to buy some of the new Minden AWI range! The Burgraviate of Altefritzenburg will be the main focus as the local ruler regularly over extends himself by committing troops in many places to raise money and his status. The Savage Swans are his elite troops. There are still a battalion, several more squadrons, some Jaegers and artillery in the Colonies. These may be recalled soon but with no time for new uniforms will be wearing their 'cut down' uniforms from the Colonies!
    As the Burgeraves commitments overwhelm the local economy there may be the possibility of a coup as the Swans and their leader, emboldened by their successes (hopefully!) in the Spring campaigns support the call for change from the Council.
    Something like that anyway!

    I'll be revamping the labels as well soon to make finding everything a little easier!

  3. I throw my hat in for the Green as well. Nice looking figures. The left hand figure just scrapes the nod over the red tabbed guys.

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