Is the site feed for this blog working?

I was messing around with settings and the Followers setup on the blog a few days ago and trying to link in with a possible move to a WordPress site and I’m worried I may have messed something up. Can someone who is a Follower and has the site in their ‘Blogs I Follow’ list confirm that the feed is working, please?



12 thoughts on “Is the site feed for this blog working?”

  1. That's great. Thanks. I was convinced I'd broken it! 🙂 I'm thinking of switching to WordPress (self hosted so I can try and do clever stuff!) but don't want to lose followers, links, or page rankings. It may take some planning…

  2. I got it no problems too. Ive just set up a new site on 6.sided. I cant get anything to work on it yet though, so have to keep coming back to my old blog to see what everyone else is up to….


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