Wargaming Neutral March 2011 Summary

Available Credits 55.50
Available Funds

Well, bit of a disaster on the funds front in March. Been putting off doing this update in the hope I could find some way of fudging it! March was pretty subdued in some ways. No games played. And in some ways more importantly, no lead purchased! However I succumbed to the lure of 1/300 buildings from Angelbarracks, a pile of the nice flock he stocks, and a few extras he was selling. Michael was also generous enough to include a nice selection of freebies in with the order, practically all of which I can find a use for so all in a good deal. It does bugger up my neutrality though!
I have been pushing on with my 28mm ImagiNation figures and have completed forty but as I need to base them they’ll have to go in to April’s totals. I have secured a buyer for the pile of Polly Oliver 15mm figures I have left so funds will come in, just not for a few weeks. I also have a small Modern Canadian battlegroup which will be up for grabs as soon as I can get round to taking pics, so I don’t feel too bad…
I reckon by the end of this month I can pull it back on the finance side and I’ll be well up on the credits so new lead may be in the offing for Partizan!

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  1. looks like you've been hard at work, sorry it's been a while since i last visited i'll try and do better. Always enjoying seeing your work

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