Tomorrow I’m off to Cornwall to stay with my sister-in-law and her family. Long trip but will be good to see everyone. Anyway, the great WD3 ImagiNation campaign has begun! My troops have landed and the war has begun!

Tonight I finished painting the last of my figures for the game. I won’t say what they are. Don’t want to give anything away to enemy spies :). I’ve still got a lot of basing to finish in the couple of days before I head down to Ayton at the end of the month but with the painting done it is now doable. I’d have liked to get some pics up before I go but I need to go to bed as tomorrow we’ve got a lot of packing to do. I shall post some completed pics before I head down, just to show the troops on parade before they go in to battle. I’m rather pleased with them all. I’m not sure I’ve really sussed doing faces in 28mm (I gave up on eyes!) and again, I think the horse technique needs a little work. But not bad for my first (bar 6 WW2 Germans) 28mm figures in over 25 years!

And even though it’s an ImagiNation and I have no opponents in the area I really fancy doing another couple of units. Possibly one with Minden figures, but to be honest the RSM paint up rather nice and are a bargain at the price.

And the new Slingshot has just arrived so I’ll have something to read on the holidays if I get time.

Rather frazzled today though. At work I did a big server/database move yesterday, which went well, but another of my systems died for no apparent reason. I spent today moving databases, reconfiguring servers, building servers and installing different versions of the app. All to no avail until the very end where we found that if we wiped the database clean and started again it all worked again! So I managed to document everything and leave notes for the guy who’ll pick it up on Monday. Not a good day…

I’ll be online while away but likely not posting. So see you in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Cheers guys. Having a great time so far. Weather excellent. Haven't managed to catch up on any sleep though!

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