Holiday Book Acquisitions – Part 1

Few days in to the holiday and have picked up a few books. One from a little bookshop in Truro and three from the bookshop at Lanhydrock. First up is Encyclopaedia of the Modern British Army by Terry Gander. It’s a second edition (1982) but should give me plenty of help when I get round to sorting my CWC British.

The bookshop at Lanhydrock has the majority of its books at £1 or 50p so I picked up: Zulu by Saul David. Despite the film Zulu being one of my all time favourites I’ve never read proper history of the wars so I’m hoping this will be a good one. I WILL NOT be buying any figures for this!

Next two books were just holiday reading matter. Not that I’ll get time to read! A copy of Tom Clancy’s The Bear and the Dragon which for a mint copy was hard to resist for a quid. I read all the earlier Jack Ryan books when travelling years ago but have never got round to his ‘President’ ones. It’s a hefty book so it my take me a while to get through it!

Finally, a copy of The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein by Peter Ackroyd. Again, an author I read a lot of years ago but none of his recent stuff. Not sure where I’ll slot this in.

I also grabbed a copy of the Ladybird Tales from the Jungle Book. My daughter loves the Disney film and I’ve wanted to read her the full Kipling but think she is still to young. However, this was spot on and she loved it.

We have a trip to Falmouth planned as well and I know there are a couple of good shops there so hopefully I’ll be doing part two in a few days.

As ever with my holidays, I am slowly succumbing to a chest infection and feeling a bit rough. Weather has been great so far. Barbecue in garden last night and beach planned today.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Book Acquisitions – Part 1”

  1. " I WILL NOT be buying any figures for this!"? Saw some lovely 3 ups for plastic Brits and Zulus on the Warlord Games stand at Salute…

  2. And I definitely won't be buying plastic! I know there are some lovely figures and when painted they look great. It's just that to me they don't 'feel' right. No substance to them. I think they are a great boost to the hobby at the moment. Just not for me. And I can't be bothered sticking them together! 🙂

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