Ayton Game – some pictures

Arrived back from the Ayton game. It was an excellent weekend and much kudos must go to Henry and Peeler for all their efforts and to all concerned for providing a weekend of entertaining gaming in great spirit throughout. Well done all!

I’m going to try and do a proper battle report at some point and I have a mass of photos. However, a lot seem a little out of focus and the problem with using a camera and failing eyesight is that they look OK at the time!

Anyway, here is a selection of pics from the weekend. I’ll add notes where I can remember who’s is what and doing what but it’s more for just the pics!


A truly excellent weekend!

12 thoughts on “Ayton Game – some pictures”

  1. That was a seriously big game!
    I love the buildings and the look of the game, These pictures at any rate look outstanding, well taken sir!

  2. Is that a standard 6×4 table ? 🙂

    Great looking game and lovely figures especially those Dragoon/Cuirassier types (?)


  3. Some really nice coloured metal on show there. I too like the dragoons. Nothing wrong with the pics either.


  4. It all looks great Andy,
    So you guys all created your own ImagiNation army and got together with Mr P and friends in Scarbourough and fought it out? Great!!! As well as all the cracking figures and terrain I'm well impressed with the flags. Was there a Hammers fan in the mix too?

  5. It looks like John Ray showed up for the game too. I recognize his cavalry and infantry. Nice looking photos of everything.

  6. Great pics of what was obviously a great game – thanks for sharing!

    Hoping for a "Who's who" comment (units, 'generals'…)

  7. Sounds like everybody had a good time. The pictures all look in focus to me…unless my eyesight is going a bit as well. Love the dragoons.

  8. Thanks for all the comments. It was a great weekend. I'm unlikely to post a full account of the weekend as only Henry knows EVERYTHING that went on. I'll likely do a little write-up of what the Swans got up to but posting a load more pictures out of context may be wasteful – pretty though some of them are.
    All will be revealed in the next Battlegames magazine!

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