Desert Basing – Syrians…

Since I picked up the 6mm Israeli force a few weeks ago I’ve been looking at putting together some opposition. I’d originally thought to do Egyptians but after some initial reading I’ve decided to go for Syrians. The initial plan was to go for GHQ/CinC to match the ‘scale’ of the IDF I have but the cost of the models, and given I need a reasonable amount of them really precludes this.

Next option is to use all the left over Soviet kit I have but most of that is 80s rather than early 70s. I did pick up a batch of stuff off eBay a few weeks ago which had some T54/T55s and what I thought were BTR-60s. I decided to paint a few of these for Syrian use and only as I based them did I realise they were BTR-70s! So I’ve based one up anyway to try out some colours:

Start with PVA and a mix of Woodland Scenic fine and medium ballast. I try and use DecoArt Acrylic paints for basing as I can get big tubes quite cheaply so these were done with Country Maple base. Dry brush with Tan, then highlight with Antique White. I tried painting a few of the larger ballast pieces to show rocks bu I think I need some of the Coarse ballast in to make them stand out. And then add a few tufts…
The Israelis have just been done with plain sand. No painting or grass. I can’t decide whether to follow that or eventually rebase…lot of work though.
Anyway, one sample done. May try others as I’ve been trawling the web/blogs for other styles. And I may just have to order some suitable models anyway 🙂

8 thoughts on “Desert Basing – Syrians…”

  1. My favourite period of Soviet kit- T-54/55s and BMP1s, even a few units of T-62s- good luck!

  2. Of course I feel obliged to say…mdf, PVA and bird cage sand looks just great!!!!

    All the best Tim

  3. The model was already block painted dark green but it was too dark. Blocked the body again with Vallejo Russian Green, painted the sand camo with Vallejo Buff, washed with Sepia. Dry brushed lightly with Sky Gray.

    Not a dipper… but soon to be a sprayer…


  4. Both model and base look really good, Andy.

    Nobody'll notice the difference between a BTR-60PB and a BTR-70.


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