Wargaming Neutral – June 2011 Summary

Available Credits 12.50
Available Funds

Hmmm.. well I’ve been putting this one off for a while because I knew it was going to be bad! The killer in June was the purchase of the IDF armies. Two nice little forces, the first for ’67 and then another for ’73 with both usable for the latter. Very nicely painted by Tim at Tim’s Tanks . There is some nice stuff on Tim’s blog and following numerous emails with him I plumped for getting an airbrush. Which apart from confirming it all worked, I’ve not actually used yet! It’s time will come…

Following on from this was a chunk of AIW books (to be honest I may have under estimated what was spent here!) but at least I bought no lead! I did get some trees from a very friendly visit to Timecast while in Shrewsbury and these will form part of my slow progress to getting enough terrain to play a game!

I was uncertain whether to include the airbrush and books in the totals but they are part of the hobby so should be part of the ‘plan’! I’m not sure how I’m going to pull this back on the budget side. Getting more credits won’t be hard but selling enough may be. And with Border Reiver, Derby and Smoggycon coming before end of year it’s going to be a bit hard…

Next up on projects is 6mm buildings, some Syrians to fight the IDF, and I MAY do a few of the 6mm SF stuff I have…

Here’s to a better month of July, but seeing as it’s the 14th already and I know what I’ve already spent, I’m not optimistic!


3 thoughts on “Wargaming Neutral – June 2011 Summary”

  1. I think most wargamers are bad managers. The desire for shiny lead often exceeds the depth of the pocket.

  2. It's annoying because on the lead front I've done quite well, covered my costs, and earned the credits. I think originally I wasn't going to include books and things but to be honest I'd be cheating if not! If I keep the lead balance good and true I'm not too worried about the cash balance… honest..

  3. I know what its like but i agree with you you have to include everything my wife has made me get my own bank account for my wargaming and whats in that account is all mine to use however i like this year as been a big year for purchases but the income from painting has been enough to cover it, it's always a juggling act

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