Failed half day sneaky hobby trip…

As my little lad is still recovering from Chicken Pox I had to take a half day this afternoon to do my share of looking after him. So I figured why not have a trip to Gateshead Gaming and Under the Bed just to have a natter and show my lad Daddy’s Toys!

So my wife loaded us all in the car and was going to drop us there on her way to work. Unfortunately when we got there I realised I’d forgotten the change bag! This had his wellies, waterproofs etc. So I couldn’t really have an afternoon out in this weather without. So I got five minutes to nip in and then was dropped at the Metro to head straight home… 🙁

I did manage to pick up some MDF bases though. In the past the ones at Gateshead Gaming looked a bit ‘rough’ but these are all laser cut and very neat. They also seem to be a slightly thinner MDF so I’m quite pleased with them. And at £1 a bag they are good value.

If I’d had time I’d have looked at the Reiver SF range as I’m going to finally paint up some 6mm SF and fancied picking up a few odds and ends. This little project, finally inspired by Michael at Angel Barracks and his new FUBAR project (see the forums) I’m planning on taking my Savage Swans beyond the Final Frontier!

More to follow…


6 thoughts on “Failed half day sneaky hobby trip…”

  1. Ah – Chickenpox! I remember it well! – all part of growing up and being British!

    I found Calomine lotion eased the itching – but smelt funny!
    Try to get him not to scratch the lesions but gently dab them if you can to prevent any risk of scarring.

    My prayers and best wishes are with you all! – Natch!

  2. Aveeno worked well for my girls. Other oatmeal based products might be more available in your area.

    Good luck and I hope the little one is better soon.

  3. Bugger the chicken pox*, let's discuss the MDF bases! I've noticed this change recently as well – I get mine from East Riding and they've also changed to the slightly thinner laser cut versions… fantastic smell when you open the little poly bag… smells like yesterdays BBQ… but I think I preferred the older version as they were slightly thicker.. :o)

    * Not really, entirely in jest and all that, I remember the "fun and games" when my two spuds got it – thoughts with you and all that… :o))

  4. Cheers guys. Off work again this afternoon but hoping lad will be back at nursery tomorrow. We tried the oatmeal and that seamed to help (in bath). Both kids had it now so hopefully never again!

    STeve, I like the thinner bases, especially for 6mm stuff. And they are much neater than the 'sawn' ones. And I like the smell as well 🙂

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