Christmas at Tyneside Wargames Club…

I had really intended to get more gaming this last year but managed to get two games of Cold War Commander in the first quarter, then the big Ayton ImagiNation weekend and… that’s been it. Not a good total really but definitely quality over quantity, especially with the Ayton game! So, over the last few weeks I’d been trying to arrange a game with Stephen Davison. Nothing had really happened but I decided to push to get down to the last meeting before Christmas of the Tyneside Wargames Club– always a good fun session. Stephen had said he and a few others were doing Waterloo with Grand Armee and I was welcome to pop in and help with the British. I had a bit Christmas shopping to do and a haircut to get but eventually made it down to find the game in full swing with about 10 players involved and the first Prussians appearing early on the French flank. The first French attack had been repulsed with heavy loss and the second, along with the Guard was moving forward as the French right moved to combat the Prussian threat.


I took control of a couple of brigades of British cavalry and some horse artillery on the British left.

They had moderate success seeing of French cavalry and breaking squares.

The Prussians slowly advanced on the French right, driving off Cuirassiers, but not being able to make rapid progress.

As the Guard advanced the British center was under threat.


The Guard did break through but were held and repulsed!

And as the recovered French corps moved to the attack again it looked like the center would hold.

The Prussians continued to push onwards but were desperate for their other Korps to arrive!

As time ran out it was agreed on a marginal Allied victory. The center had held, barely.

I haven’t played Grande Armee for…ages. And really enjoyed it again. The game was great fun and played with great spirit by all concerned. And this was certainly helped by the excellent supply train!

Some fine cognac, German brandy, cherry brandy, port, wine, vodka… 🙂

Phil, Lawrence, Ian and Richard were doing a 28mm Dark Age game:


The regular large Great Captains game, part of an ongoing campaign:

With serious numbers of 15mm figures present!

There was a large naval game, French vs. Japanese I think but no idea on what rules!


All in all, a very pleasurable way to spend the afternoon. And luckily I didn’t have to drive anywhere tonight as I’d be way over the limit!

So a big thanks to the guys for games and victuals and hopefully I can make it down more in 2012.

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  1. I've played a few games now and always enjoyed them. And they are big at the Club at the moment.I only ever got two bases of my own painted 🙂 But the Lasalle stuff I'll do will be usable for Grande Armee as well.Andy

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