Dux Britanniarum

Dux Britanniarum – Too Fat Lardies

My Inbox this morning was graced with the PDF copy of the new Dux Britanniarum rules. Click the image above to link to all the options available but basically this is another excellent production from the Too Fat Lardies stable. I’ve been following the playtesting of this via the TFL Yahoo group and it has been good to see the rules develop. The rules are not just a set of rules for battles/skirmishes in post-Roman Britain, but a campaign framework for taking your lowly warlord from obscurity to fame and power! The production quality is excellent and I’m looking forward to getting the hardcopy and card set. There are several purchase options available with combinations of PDF, tablet version, hardcopy and cards and if the production of those is comparable to their recent I Ain’t Been Shot Mum then this will be a quality product.

So, do I have any armies/figures for this period? Of course not! But I do have a Romano-British warband pack from Splintered Light Miniatures that has been sat in a box since 2009! So these will get painted up and some Early Saxons ordered soon to accompany them. Well, that’s the plan, along with numerous other little projects. But it would be a shame not to give these rules a run out…