What a Cnut!

Nothing to do with recent dalliances with the Dark Ages or Early Medieval history…

Currently on holiday in Low Newton and today was the first day of lovely sunshine and no rain. Whole day spent at the beach and culminating in a barbecue and beers. Kids and us knackered!

The beach was crowded today and the group to our right set about building a sandcastle:

The Opposition!

Now it was a large castle, with a deep moat so this was obviously to be taken as a challenge and brought out the Cnut in me! So I went for something a little more sophisticated. Quality not quantity!

The Fortress!

Now, as the tide was coming in I felt the need to stem that for as long as possible so constructed outer defences to deflect and delay the inevitable aquatic onslaught!

Outer Bastions

Despite a valiant Cnutian defence the tide did not turn…

The Collapse Begins
An E-moat-ive moment…
The Last Stand.

And finally it was all over as the fortress succumbed to the inevitable…

The End

I don’t think the weather over the next few days will allow another construction but I feel if opportunity allows another fortress will arise!

A good day, anyway! 🙂



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