WIP – More Soviets

I had intended finishing off the pile of Soviet AFVs and APCs that needed basing before I posted the results but inevitably I realised I needed more little bits to add to them to make up ‘proper’ units (i.e. the BTRs and BMPs for the support squads). So I thought I’d do a quick progress report.

I painted most of these last year and had only got so far as adding the ‘sand’ to the base. I had done three battalions of T-80s, three of BTR-70s and three of BMP-2s. Two of the T-80 battalions are Scotia but everything else is Heroics and Ros. The T-80 ERA being a particularly fine model.

These are the BMPs still in their ‘to be finished’ state:

Heroics and Ros BMP-2s
Heroics and Ros BMP-2s

I’ve completed the three battalions of T-80s. A mix of Scotia and H&R (rear three rows) with two of the BTR battalions in the middle and my recently acquired Dark Ream SF force to the fore! Bar some tufts/clump foliage these are done:

Scotia and H&R T-80s and H&R BTR-70s

As I said, the H&R T-80 ERA is a really nice crisp model:

Heroics and Ros T-80 ERA

I had to add/paint an extra BTR-70 unit along with two models for each unit to carry the support squads:

Extra BTR-70s

And the command stands are partly done basing:

BTR HQs and extra BTR-70s

And finally, I’ve decided to do all my artillery assets on 40×40 bases so this is the first as a tester:

122mm D-30
122mm D-30

I know in CWC they are off-table but I like doing the bases!

So there we go. I’ll be ordering some T-64 ERA to go with these and maybe another lot of the H&R T-80s. Another lot of BMP-2s as well although from recent comments I think I need some BMP-1s as well.

I’ve also started the engineering and bridging assets. I seem to have two types in the my lead pile:

Bridging units. What types?

I’m not entirely sure what is what. I think one is H&R and one Skytrex? The top I’m pretty sure is Soviet, the bottom I’m less so.

So there we go. I’m not entirely sure why I did all these. I already have over 10,000pts worth of Soviets for CWC! I think I just wanted to move the date range to late ’80s as all the other stuff is T-72/T-62… Still, more Russians is always a good thing!


2 thoughts on “WIP – More Soviets”

  1. looks very impressive! These are intendend to to used at your club?

    I did build a few 1/72 AFV in my youth. I also had a Avalon Hill boardgame based on the arab-israeli wars. Still cant beat a a well painted miniature!

  2. I love those based Soviet artillery! They’re like mini dioramas. I’m doing the same for WWII big guns, and am looking for pictures to see what sort of paraphernalia artillery men would have lying around.

    I haven’t bought any Cold War era stuff yet but it will only be time…I shall use this blog for advice!

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