On the Workbench and 301 posts!

Well, I still haven’t got the detailed list of my plans up yet but I have at least done a little more towards it. Not as much as I’d have liked but something…

I’ve done the basic camo and wash on the T34s so just need the last dry brush and detailing on them:


And I’ve based up the command stands and added the basing material to all three units now for the 6mm. STILL need to do the flags though…


And I also realised that my last post was post 300 for the blog, making this 301! Quite a tally really over the years. The blog started as an ASL blog in November 2006 so six years and counting is pretty good I think… I’m also getting close to 80000 visits. This is only since I added the Site Meter icon (and I can’t remember when that was!) but I may try and do something when I hit the 80K.

Hopefully a little more progress next week as well.

2 thoughts on “On the Workbench and 301 posts!”

  1. Ooooh good to see the progress and very happy to see a few visits to the loft have happened. My output this last 5 days has been really slow between taking the kids sledging and some modeling that went OTT. Schools closed here so I hope to get extra brush time to catch up


  2. Always love T-34s, though I always thought the 1943 76mm armed model looks best..these 85 monstrosities look top heavy, but sure pack a punch!

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