WIP Report

Well, at New Year I said I’d try and do more updates for the blog. So it seems a while since I did a Work In Progress post so here goes…

This is the painting table as of this evening:

wip01All this is for the Painting Challenge and for Ayton. On the far left you can see my Last Stand entry going through the final stages of basing.  In the middle, amongst all the Vallejo pots, are 36 RSM figures for Ayton. All three batches of 12 are at different stages as I’m finding that if I go up to the attic and can’t focus on some details stuff then I have figures there waiting for some easy block painting. And finally, on the right are the casualty bases I intend to enter for the Casualty Bonus Round. I’m not 100% sure on what the entry for this is meant to be but I do need to do a few casualty bases so that will be the focus.

The other big news is that this year I will be attending Salute for the first time! I’m quite looking forward to it. To meeting up with various fora denizens from southern climes and also to hand over dosh to traders that don’t make the Northern shows. If there are some good show deals on then I may even be tempted by something new… maybe…

So the painting goes on and I’m now starting to worry a little about hitting my Challenge target…

2 thoughts on “WIP Report”

  1. I too have an issue with the points required as I have not hit the pots that much this last month.

    Hopefully I will pick up some steam in the run to the finish. You will do so as well as you need those units 😉


  2. Re Salute,
    I would recommend two things, one is get there early and two is buy a queue buster ticket.
    I attended last year after a long lay off and found it all a bit overwhelming, its so damn big. What I did do however was plan where I wanted to go first, ie most important purchases because if you go to some traders mid afternoon they are liable to be sold out of stuff.
    The game were very impressive, but again there are so many, so pick the ones you want to enjoy.
    See you there, Robbie.

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