Merry Christmas and an untidy workbench!

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! Hope you all have a most excellent time.

And now to the workbench. After a major clear up a few months ago my work space has become almost unusable again. This is the current state after removing the last batch if figures I’d been working on:


This is the view to the left where there is no room to put a foot down to reach all the stuff in the drawers in the far corner…


The right side is not much better. On the right hand side is a cupboard. I’ve forgotten what is in there….


And finally at my back is my 4’x4′ alleged playing area. This rests on four really useful storage units from IKEA and for several weeks was clear such that I even had a small naval game! Not any more…


This makes work and organising very frustrating. Everything I try and do require moving something. Which has a knock on effect as I then have to move something else! Several times I’ve given up on some planned activity as a result.

Before I go back to work on the 5th I want this space sorted! I want my paints back in their places, the playing surface clear, and a clear list of where everything is…

I know it won’t last but if I don’t sort it then I’m going to really struggle to get everything I want done for Ayton and Partizan…

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