Ayton 2015 – at last!

While working on my review of the year I realised that I have posted NOTHING about Ayton 2015! I posted some images over on the LAW forum but that has been it. This is most remiss and I feel I should get some galleries up and some comments on what was a most excellent weekend!

After getting the tables set up on the Friday Buff ran a couple of quick pigsticking games. I’d painted up a 30mm Tradition 21st Lancer for the proceedings. I have several more of these that will be added to my C19th forces. The game was quick and fun!

IMAG3887 IMAG3888 IMAG3889 IMAG3890 IMAG3891 IMAG3892 IMAG3893

I did manage a few successful ‘sticks’ before getting unhorsed and gored to death!

The main event was a C19th colonial affair where our multiple factions were vying for control of a region of assorted diamond mines. There was treachery, nuns, restless natives and lots of marching in the wrong direction as despite Iain (Essex Boy)’s excellently put together campaign lots of us failed to spot the hidden messages and really had no clue who was on who’s side! Eventually things settled down and we managed a huge Day One game which although on the big table was really divided into three separate areas with distinct objectives. I held the one end of the town and the small harbour and buildings with my valiant (newly painted) Altefritzenburgers and yet again faced the evil and devious Medetians! I’ve got no chance of remembering a detailed narrative now but… my Indians hid (as always) in the rocky area and ambushed (rather unsuccessfully) the advancing Medetians before being driven back to the Customs House. This then became the centre point of the battle as my valiant chaps threw back all comers! Finally the sneaky Medetians launched a river assault (which seemed to come from nowhere!) but despite several assaults by their marines my chaps held fast and with support coming from the town we held our objectives and the Medetians withdrew…

I’ve no idea what happened on the rest of the table but there was a wide range of Colonial types on display! And the rules (written for the day by Paul Bright) worked well. You can see plenty of pictures in the gallery.

Ayton 2015 Day One Gallery

Overnight various campaign machinations took place and this time saw our side moving up river to assault prepared defences. It was an excellent game. Lots of figures. Good fun. Things were looking bad for our side until one player had to leave, his part of the table secure and under no threat. His command was taken by our erstwhile umpire, Essex Boy. Faced with a weakened enemy, from a solid position of huge strength and assured victory, he managed to oversee the collapse of the entire flank! Which handed victory to the forces of good! Lots more pics in the gallery!

Ayton 2015 Day Two Gallery

A truly excellent weekend, as all the Ayton weekends are, and coordinated by Messrs Burt and Bright with much capability. Said capability being sorely lacking in some players as we missed clue after clue! It all came together in the end and was great fun.

And finally, not everyone was partaking of C19th 28mm Colonial goodness. The Two Tims (Hall and Waughby) spent the weekend with their 54mm ACW collections. Lovely painting and a good fun to watch. In 2016 they will be rolling out more 54mm goodness.

IMAG3894 IMAG3895 IMAG3919 IMAG3920 IMAG3921 IMAG3922 IMAG3923 IMAG3924

So there we have it. That was Ayton 2016. The usual. Excellent games. Excellent figures. Excellent company! Apologies for taking so long to post!


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  1. Hmmmm. I don’t suppose there’s any point in explaining why the flack collapsed? No? I didn’t think so.

    Glad you enjoyed the game. I’m so sorry I can’t make next year’s Ayton.

    Thanks for posting the piccies.


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