Happy New Year! – Plans for 2016

Thought I’d best get this post in on the 1st or the moment will pass. First off, Happy New Year! Many thanks to all who’ve contributed to my enjoyment of the hobby over the year and helped make it a fun year and to get through the less fun bits.

So what of the plans for 2016? I’m not 100% sure to be honest… As ever, the main drivers will be Ayton/LAW Forum related meetups. As of now these are:

  • 20mm WSS game at Gary P’s domicile in March
  • Ayton at the beginning of May – 28mm C18th Imagination
  • Framlingham event in October organised by Mr Hall – not sure on games yet…
  • Some sort of 15mm Punic War gathering… sometime… this year… somewhere…

Now, the WSS game is still to be confirmed for me and will depend a lot on how I can get there. Ayton is a definite. Hotel booked. Pass secured. Fram. That was a definite. My wife has one work event in October. And it’s always been the first weekend. So Mr Hall graciously avoided that and booked it all for the second weekend. Then the work event was announced…and this year is the second weekend! This does not preclude attending but does make it a little more tricky. Hopefully something can be arranged… And the Punic War event (assuming we can agree on rules and basing! 🙂 ) is very unfixed at the moment but I’m sure myself, Simon, Iain and Dave will sort something out… even if I have to organise it up here in Newcastle…

I did a little ‘stock take’ a few weeks ago of what was on the workbench and to be honest that still stands. I want to clear what is there. Fortunately most of the items fit in with the above events. So…here we have a few targets…

  1. Complete the 20mm WSS Les Higgins brigade (hopefully) for the March game. 2-3 battalions. 1 regiment of cavalry. 1 gun and limber.
  2. Complete 2nd Battalion of Altefritzenburgers for Ayton. And maybe 12 cavalry. And some battalion guns… Probably…
  3. Modern Microarmour – finish off Belgians and Brits and sort out the remaining Soviet stuff.
  4. Punic War – I ‘probably’ don’t need to do anything for this but… I have just signed up to the latest Forged in Battle Kickstarter and can see myself grabbing some Punic War related stuff come June and maybe finally getting some pikemen done… and some re-basing…
  5. Start the Lion Rampant stuff. Not urgent as needed for Ayton 2017! But I’d like to try another game before then

Other projects that may or may not get some input over the year.

  1. 10mm Sudan – I got the Black Powder supplement for Christmas and still intend to do this this. Honest…
  2. 15mm AWI – sort and re-assess. Clear out what’s not needed and re-base a few

And more general hobby…

  1. Sort the attic to free up the game table (again!) so I can actually play a game up there!
  2. Get in one game a month at either the Tyneside or Whitley Bay clubs
  3. Sort out moving my blog content to the website and generally do more updates
  4. I’d quite like to get a game of ASL in as well….
  5. And finally, I’m going to resurrect the whole Wargaming Neutral thing..

That lot should keep me busy! Review in June!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year! – Plans for 2016”

  1. That all seems very sensible – achievable with just the right amount of stretch.

    One thing though, should you have made provision for the dozen or so new projects you’re likely to start between now and six months hence?


  2. No plan of battle survives first contact with the enemy!

    Hope to see you at our club from time to time, and maybe some shows?

    Happy New Year!

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