Christmas Zombies!

Shock! Horror! Yes, two games in four days! Tonight I made it down to the Whitley Bay 3D Gamers Christmas gathering where Karl and Andy put on an excellent little Zombie game. Good turn out with (I think) 16 players taking part and two umpires. Despite the numbers the game flowed pretty smoothly as the survivors tried to get two barrels, a scientist and fuel to a water filtration plant while fending off hordes of Zeds and  the occasional werewolf and vampire. I had a female character armed with shotgun and chainsaw. The latter was very effective at close range but not with my dice! I came close to death several times! Not sure on the rules used but they were nice and simple, card driven for activating Zeds and Survivors, and didn’t get in the way! Lots of ‘special’ zombies turned up, and we never really felt like we were totally overwhelmed. A good balance…

I took a few pics but the light seemed to was the colour from the photos. I tried GIMP’ing a few but it didn’t really work. The terrain was nice, especially the weathered tanker. Thanks again to the guys for organising the game and Merry Christmas chaps! Hope to get down more in 2016!

Start of the game before things got messy….

IMAG4960 IMAG4961 IMAG4962

One of the more interesting survivors….IMAG4963 IMAG4964

A fast moving zombie thankfully not heading for me!IMAG4965 IMAG4966 IMAG4967 IMAG4968

The arrival of the first werewolf. There ended up being over a dozen of these but thankfully we dealt with them…IMAG4969

The excellently weathered tanker.IMAG4970

Things were getting quite busy on the far side of the table.IMAG4971 IMAG4972 IMAG4973 IMAG4974

A helpful Valkyrie who healed a few characters but wouldn’t be healing mine as I shot at her!IMAG4975 IMAG4976

My chainsaw armed character (now out of fuel) battling three zombies!IMAG4977

Endgame as the objective was finally achieved.IMAG4978

3 thoughts on “Christmas Zombies!”

  1. Brilliant game, I really enjoyed it even though we were three deep around the table! Kudos to Karl and Andy for putting it on.

    Funniest moment for me was when Darryl tried the door of the blue car and a family of five Zeds popped out!

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